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Few Common Problems of Split AC Unit

Though split air conditioners are more advanced than window air conditioners but still the split AC units too have some common problems which you as an owner should take care of it else you will end up having a faulty split unit of which the repair could be a bit costly if it meets with any failure as the parts and components of the split AC are a bit costly too. So to make your split AC system work consistently, you need to take preventive measures for at least for a few major problems so that your machine stays functional. Here in this blog AC repair Davie has summarized few such problems so that you can be careful of not letting those problems to occur in your unit.

Refrigerant Leakage

Now, the refrigerant leakage is one of the most commonly found problems of the split unit. The shortage of the refrigerant plays a major role in reducing the cooling effect. So maintaining an accurate refrigerant level is absolutely necessary for having the cooling properly. Now, why this refrigerant leakage occurs, it occurs because the refrigerant is stored at a very high pressure all the joints in the copper pipe stays under constant pressure. As the pressure is there in copper pipes, therefore humidity increases and copper pipes get weak and develop leakage holes. So repairing these copper pipes to control the refrigerant is very important.

Compressor is Switching ON and OFF

Now this problem usually occurs because of the filters get choked with dust and debris and this fosters the split unit to work harder to take the air for circulation. This further increases the temperature more than the ideal temperature, which AC unit should have for operating. This rise in temperature can initiate the compressor to switch ON and OFF repeatedly. The only remedy for this problem is to take out the water and wash the filters thoroughly under water.

Foul Smell

Sometimes split AC emit odours when it is switched ON, it usually happens because of the drainage system malfunctioning. The malfunctioning of the drainage system is because of the dust accumulation in the drain pipe and drainage tray due to which water starts getting collected and after some time starts smelling bad. The only solution for this problem is that call the technician from AC repair Davie to clean the drainage system so that the problem could be rectified.

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