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5 Most Common Problems with HVAC Units

Air conditioning is perhaps the most essential if you are living in a warmer region like Florida. For those in Davie region, it is no less than a nightmare to see your AC unit breakdown. While yes, you can ensure a lot more efficiency from your AC unit if you sign up for regular HVAC repair Davie service, it is always best to be aware of the most common problems that can arise with a standard HVAC unit.

The Common Problems and How to Deal with Them

As mentioned above, the easiest way to avoid any problems with your AC unit is to get it regularly checked. This can easily happen with the AC repair service. However, keeping a close watch on signs and understanding the issues that can damage the efficiency of your HVAC unit can save you emergency situations. Here is what you should always pay attention to –

The Air Filters

One of the most common reasons your HVAC unit will not work at its optimum efficiency is when the air filters are clogged. The best approach here is to follow your AC unit’s manufacturer’s guidelines on when the AC filters have to replaced or how frequently they have to be cleaned. A professional HVAC repair Davie service will have the expertise to identify the problem with the air filters but you can always suggest your AC repair service to clean the AC filters at their every visit.

Check the Thermostat:

Another common problem with the functioning of the AC unit is with the thermostat. You can give a quick look inside the thermostat to check if there is any dirt or debris that is affecting its functioning. Sometimes, the HVAC repair Davie service may undermine this issue but a professional AC repair technician will always check the thermostat if cooling level is a concern.

Refrigerant Leak:

When the refrigerant leak occurs, the HVAC unit will not perform optimally and show frequent temperature fluctuations. The location of the leak can have a major impact on the costs. A well trained AC repair service technician can prevent major damage by regularly checking for a leak during the scheduled maintenance checks.

Clogged Drain Pipes:

Just as the AC filters, the drain pipes can also get clogged and this may also hamper the functioning of the AC unit. In case of a clogged drain pipe, the drain pan tends to fill up over time and this may eventually damage the AC unit.


The compressor performs the function of applying energy to the refrigerant so that it moves through the coil and carries out the required heat exchange. When compressor is not working right, cooling gets affected. Typically, regular HVAC repair Davie service contracts will have compressor checks in their scheduled maintenance plans.

Apart from the above, there can be other common issues such as corroded evaporator coils or the dirty compressor coils. These issues may seem small but can damage the functioning of the AC unit and when not attended to, can lead to AC unit breakdown.

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