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You May Not Know You May Need Heat Pump Repairs

When cold weather hits, it is always good to be prepared. So preparing for low temperatures is always cool for which you need to get your heater ready. However, no matter how many times you did heat pump repairs last season, possible that there might be some issues underlying it. Letting heat pump problems persist can evolve into some serious issues which you wouldn’t definitely want. Without much ado, let’s read the blog where you will come across some warning signs knowing of which you can easily determine that you may need heat pump repair.

Stuck Reversing Valve

Is still you are getting cold air even if your heat pump set to a heating mode? Then there is some problem and the chances are of a reverse valve which is there for reversing the flow of refrigerant in the unit. The reverse valve is stuck in cooling mode and the best solution is to replace the valve by a technician and get the system back on track.

Blower Fan is Broken

Heat pumps are meant to blow warm air in the winter. But when you find out only cool has been blowing by your unit, it might be a problem with the blower fan. It may happen that a part of the fan’s motor needs to be repaired or a fan blade is missing. So whatever the issue is, you should fix it up.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil circulates the refrigerant which is used to transfer heat. When the coil gets dusty or dirty, it will hinder the heat transfer process making your home stay cool than warm. Besides this, you will also have a hike in your energy bills. The best way is to clean the coil and get the functionality of the heat pump back on track.

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