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Study on Condenser Unit of an Air Conditioner

Now most often, you never give much importance or attention to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner which generally remains out of sight and only looked upon at times when there a repair session happens. But to your surprise the outdoor unit plays a very important role too. The inside part absorbs the heat from the inside home space whereas the outside unit releases that heat to the outside. So, now you can think that without the condenser, how would the warm air go outside the home. With such convenience provided by the condenser unit, it’s time now to study those vital components which do this exchange process and the description about those components are stated here in this blog by AC repair Davie.


The compressor adds pressure to the refrigerant that it receives from inside your home and thus increases the refrigerant’s temperature. This step makes it easier to transfer the heat in the next step of the cooling process.

Coils and Fans

When the refrigerant leaves the compressor, it flows through the coils and then the fan blows air over the coils to cool them and release heat to the outside.

Refrigerant Lines

These lines are used to connect the indoor unit to the outside condenser unit to cycle the refrigerant in order to maintain the cooling process.

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