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Nature has not timetable; you can have storms on one day, rain on the other day, and sunshine on any day. But the true part is that hail, rain, wind and storms can cause damage to your heating and cooling system. But nothing to worry about as these systems could withstand weather conditions. But still there could be a chance that one strong storm could damage these systems. Now, instead of panicking, you should know what you can do in such a situation.

Check the Unit

Checking the heating and cooling system thoroughly will certainly help you find the exact points of damage. Remove debris and dust from around the unit. Plug the unit back if you have unplugged the unit before the storm. And if you see that your HVAC system is located in standing water, then call a professional to fix the issue. 


After the storm has hit your unit, time now to check the insurance policy. Check what all types of insurance policies are covered. Either repairs, or replacement of parts or replacement of the whole unit due to a storm is covered or not. Sometimes these has been covered partially.

HVAC Professional

Not all repairs can be completed, can be left on professionals, but few repairs can only be done by a professional. Severe weather conditions can break system’s functionality which can be only repaired by a HVAC professional. The electrical connections can be fixed by a technician only. So just quote your repair cost and take assistance from the technician.

Future Preparation

Now when the storm has hit your unit, time now to decide what to do when the storm will hit next time. Before a storm, during a storm and after the storm, you should close windows and windows covering, turn off computer and other electrical devices, turn off the breaker to your HVAC system, and if you notice any damage immediately call a technician.       

Preparing for a storm is a good way to prevent unit’s damage and keep your heating and cooling systems intact for a long period of time.

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