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AC Maintenance: Tips to Keep your Machine Working Well

HVAC units are expensive. It however does not cost much to service your unit. If you are looking for a service company for your air conditioner, AC repair Davie is home to some trustworthy professionals. But before you call in an expert, here are some AC service tips that you can follow to enhance the life of your machine and save on your bills and repair costs.

AC Maintenance DIY

While not everyone is experienced enough to replace the worn-out parts inside their machine, there are still several things that you can do on your own to keep your machine operating in a great condition.

Replace The Filters – The most common cause of AC inefficiency is a dirty filter. If you have not changed the filter in your machine for a long time, it is time to change it right away. Filters get clogged with dust, debris and dirt; this in turn impedes the airflow of your machine.

A dirty filter can lead to another side effect – it can cause the evaporator to freeze up and prevent the machine from functioning to its optimal capacity. It is therefore recommended that you change your filter at least once every 30 days, especially during the summer months.

Remove Clutter – If you have covered the sides of your AC unit with plants, lattice or any other decorative item, it is time to remove them. Covering the condenser unit prevents smooth airflow.

Schedule Regular Maintenance – You must not wait till you hear strange noises from your machine or get unpleasant odors to get it checked. Scheduling maintenance of your unit at least once a year can help save a lot of money in the long run. It is best to get your machine serviced during spring, before summer sets in. This will ensure that it continues to function well for the entire summer; it will also give you good time to fix repairs if any.

During a maintenance schedule, the technician will check your machine for leaks and inspect the electrical parts and controls to ensure that they are working well. Your technician will clean the AC drain too and this can be important for your home. He will oil the motors, check the filters and inspect the condenser to find any minor issues before they become major problems.

Most homeowners do not think about maintaining their AC unit till they face a cooling problem. This leads to reduced airflow, high utility costs and replacements. It is best to hire expert air conditioning repair technicians to maintain your machine. They have the expertise and the experience to handle all kinds of issues that may happen with the unit and ensure that it is working well at all times.

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