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AC Repair Vs Replacement

Having your AC in working condition during the summer months is crucial. If you schedule regular servicing of your machine all through the year, you can spot and fix the issues that can cause your system to break down. However, with some AC repair issues, it might be easier to just opt for a system replacement. So, how to determine when is a good time to repair the unit and when to replace it?

When to repair it?

AC repairs are not uncommon in machines that are less than ten years old. Fixing minor repairs in a new system is easy as the parts are easily available and the technicians are familiar with the technology installed. Also, it costs significantly less to repair a system than to replace it.

When to replace it?

If the unit is more than ten years old, it is best to replace it. With age, repairs become expensive. Also, older units are not as energy efficient and use 30% more electricity. If you switch to a newer, more energy efficient unit, you will save a lot of money.

Seek expert advice
If you are not sure if it is best to repair or replace your unit, you must listen to what your contractor has to say about it. He will inspect your machine to suggest the best course of action to follow. He will let you know how long a fix will work and what will be the cost of replacing a machine.

Your technician will also check other reasons why your system may not be functioning as efficiently. Issues such as bad ductwork and poor insulation can lead to poor cooling. If you have leaking ducts, you can end up losing more than 30% of the air before it spreads in the room. Taking care of such issues can enable your AC machine to perform better.

If you are looking to repair or replace your unit, it is best to hire the services of a well-known HVAC AC breakdown service company. ACs are important investments and only someone who is equipped with the knowhow and the right tools are best equipped to deal with any issues pertaining to them. For AC repair Davie is home to several reputed companies. With a skilled AC repairman in charge, you can look to enjoying comfortable interiors all-round the year.

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