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Why AC Unit Smells Badly?

You must have experienced that when you turn ON your air conditioner a bad smell comes up along with the cool air. Sometimes this smell lasts for a few minutes or sometimes it lasts for a long time or often it starts dissipating soon as you run the AC unit or it keeps on smelling until you let your AC unit function. No matter what the situation is, this smell is hard to resist and makes the environment absolutely unhealthy and unhygienic to live. Well! There are several things which give rise to such bad and unpleasant odor, but if you want to know the actual reasons, then read the blog further in which AC repair Davie has summarized two major causes of bad smell from an AC unit.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filters are used to filter the air and helps in removing dust, dirt and pollen whenever the AC machine runs. Now the question is when the filters filter out the impurities, then how can the bad smell come? Well! The bad smell arises because of the environment in the AC system which can cause impurities grow and thus results into an unpleasant odor. So, whenever anything with an odor gets caught up in the filter, this can cause the air passing through the filter to be smelling bad. So, the solution which AC repair Davie recommends is to change the air filters at regular intervals of time to overcome this odor issue.


The AC systems should drain the excess water that gets formed because of condensation else the excess water could back up and gets collected over time when the AC system is not running. The water that gets collected as a result of not draining properly can become a ground for mold and bacteria to grow and spread the odor when the air conditioner is running. The solution for this kind of situation is to keep the bottom part of the machine clean and keep a check whether it is draining properly or not.

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