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AC Vent Leaking Water ? Why is it Happening?

Water is dripping! Not again! This is one of the most usual reactions which naturally comes to you when you notice water leakage from your AC vent in the ceiling. And if you are not noticing that there is a water leakage from the ceiling then other signs of AC vent leaking are water stains near the ceiling or yellowish stains near the AC vents which both depict that there are some AC leaking issues occurring with the overall functioning of the system. Nevertheless, there are always reasons to know why something inadvertent is happening and similarly there are reasons for AC vent leaking which are described here in this blog below for your reference.

The Air is Leaking

This is the easiest way to fix the AC leaking issues is to check whether there is some air escaping around the sides of the air vent for which you need to reach up and look around the air vents and look carefully for the air which is making way from any other part of the vents. If you notice that this is something which is causing AC vent leaking then you just need to seal the leak.

Condensate Drain Line is Clogged

The condensate line gets clogged when the water is accumulated within the air vent. So, the moment you notice this issue then immediately check the condenser unit and look at the drip pan whether it is overflowing or it has got full with water. If any of these issues persisting then it will eventually result into a clogged condensate drain line and causes AC vent leaking issues.

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