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Want to Stimulate AC Unit’s Life? Just Imbibe Certain Important Ways

Being vigilant about the cleaning and repairing of home appliances and other machinery products at home is a good habit of taking intensive care of all things. Similar to all other devices an air conditioner too is a significant machine among all those home appliances that need proper cleaning and diligent repairing. Though you have […]

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How to Cut Cost on Repair? Know from AC Repair Davie

AC unit repair. Oh no! Not again! This is the usual reaction when you realise that repair is pending. Isn’t it? But do you know the situation could become even worse when you keep on avoiding the repairs and letting it delay to a longer period. Yeah! That’s true! Now, if you really want to […]

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Avoid these Common Problems to Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

If you ever had to spend your summer without an air conditioner, you know how annoying and maddening summers can be. There’s nothing that can beat the sweet relief of a cool living space, after a long sweaty day out under the sun.  As much as air conditioners provide comfort, AC units also require regular […]

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AC System Repair and Other Ways of Being Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is the key to living properly and well in today’s world. You only have to pick up the newspaper or turn on the television to hear about the numerous side effects of abusing energy, as our planet is busy bearing the brunt of the same. With proper checks on your gadgets with […]

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Spring Cleaning for the Home and Appliance Including AC System

The home is a space where you define yourself and your lifestyle. After a certain point of time, a home begins to wear the personality of its home owner. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your home clean with cleaning schedules for daily, monthly and seasonal cleaning processes. Spring cleaning is one such process that […]

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5 Tips For Top AC Performance

To avoid sweat on the scorching summer days of Florida, maintain your air conditioning unit for top performance. Follow these basic maintenance tips to keep your cooling system running smoothly all year long. Change Your Filter Regular filter changes or cleaning (washable filters) every one to three months helps your unit run more efficiently. How […]

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Improve Health, Increase Durability with Duct Cleaning

Do you know which part that functions primarily for the durability of your AC? Its Ducts and Vent. They play a vital role in home heating and cooling as well by distributing temperature controlled air into your space. However many of you are unaware of the fact that without proper care and cleaning of the […]

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