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5 Tips For Top AC Performance

To avoid sweat on the scorching summer days of Florida, maintain your air conditioning unit for top performance. Follow these basic maintenance tips to keep your cooling system running smoothly all year long.

Change Your Filter

Regular filter changes or cleaning (washable filters) every one to three months helps your unit run more efficiently. How often the filter should be changed depends on the climate, the number of people live in your home and also on whether you have pets.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Spring is considered as the best time to schedule annual maintenance with an AC repair Davie professional. Don’t wait until it’s 90 degrees to turn on your cooling system to find out that it’s only blowing hot air.

Change Your Thermostat From Analog to Digital

Digital Thermostat regulates the climate more efficiently and eliminates open and close the relay every time someone touches the temperature.

Keep Outdoor Air Conditioning Units Clear

Use a standard garden hose to routinely spray off your outdoor condenser. It removes the dirt, debris, cottonwood and pet hair, and makes the system run more efficiently. Don’t plant too close to your outdoor unit, let it breathe.

Call When You Spot a Problem

Even if the AC running constantly, is your house too warm? Are you hearing noises or noticing leaks or ice from the unit? To ward off the bigger problems, Call a certified air conditioning repair Davie technician today.

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