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Do You Know why Air Conditioners Fail to Last Longer?

Is your air conditioner getting old? Are you thinking of replacing it? Are you someone who usually replaces your system after using it for a few couple of years? If ever did so, then the time has come to get yourself aware that Air Conditioners units are an expensive investment and replacing them with another new module should be done carefully and only when there is a genuine requirement, otherwise you would waste time and money on another new piece. There is a myth that an old air conditioner cannot function well after it has been used for several years and should be replaced after a specific period of time. But this is not always true, in fact, a little care and proper maintenance can really help in extending the life of the machine. Well! Now you must be getting curious that how can it be done, for this, just read this blog in which AC maintenance Davie has mentioned few important reasons focussing on which could help you in saving the life of your unit.

Leakage of Refrigerant

This is one of the most recurrent problems happen in the system and often gets escape from your attention. But this definitely requires attention from your side basis on which the performance of the module generally depends. The effect of temperature changes and other environmental damages to the coolant system can make leakages. So the remedy for this is to consult the expert of the AC maintenance Davie and get the leaks repaired soon, otherwise adding on refrigerant in the presence of leakages would not help.

Not Imparting Good Maintenance

The most root causes of the poor functioning of the air conditioner is the carelessness towards its air filters which become blocked and dirty because of the accumulation of dust and dirt due to which the efficiency starts getting broken down. On the other hand, the compressor and fans have to work harder to withstand the inefficient state of the air filters and thereby eventually results in wear and tear of the system.

Electrical Failure

The body of the system is always prone to wear and tear due to the daily use and with the passage of time. The compressor and fans also get subjected to wear and tear whenever the air conditioner turns ON and OFF intermittently. Now, this inconsistency in electrical supply can hamper a lot in the maintenance of the machine and thereby reduces its efficiency. Another similar problem is when the corrosion eats up the wires and terminals and there always lies a danger of the system getting caught in the electric shock.

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