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Be Careful From Few Sounds Coming From AC Unit

Though you are much familiar about the exterior bulkiness of an air conditioning unit, however, the interior fragility and functioning are equally important to be taken care of at regular intervals of time. There are many features which need extra maintenance like keeping an eye on the refrigerant levels, changing of air filters and timely attention towards air conditioning leaks etc. But in spite of these checks, how often do you care about the different kinds of noises coming from your AC system? Do you ever realize the sounds or have you become susceptible towards them? Anyways, if you haven’t analyzed those sounds up till now, you should take measures to prevent them. So, before you jump to any conclusion, let’s study about what could be those peculiar sounds that AC maintenance Davie has mentioned here below.


Now, if you ever hear a vibrating sound, then it could be because of the malfunctioning of motor or blower or in very rare cases something very minute like a loose screw somewhere in the body of the machine. Or more likely any small component has become loose and is moving in the condenser unit. If you think this is the problem persisting for long then you could handle it, just set the AC machine OFF and remove the lid from the condenser unit to see if anything has broken or become loose. If you find so then replace it with another piece.


Any sort of electrical disparity is the main cause of favouring buzzing sounds in the module. Very often these buzzing sounds are the result of the occurrence of any kind of issue with the fan motor of the condenser unit or any type of faulty wiring. Going ahead with the rectification of the issue can only be done if you know how to handle the electrical works, otherwise, contacting the expert of AC maintenance Davie service is always a good option.

Running Water

You must have noticed that sometimes there is a dripping kind of noise comes from your air conditioner. This is usually the outcome of the underlying problem possibly because of any drain clog that is causing the water to back up into the machine instead of flowing properly. If you find such problem, then do clean the drain clogs soon, otherwise, this could foster into a bigger problem.

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