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Some Common Issues of Heat Pumps

Though there is no doubt that heat pumps are a good and beneficial machine that gives you comfort in both summers and winters. But, in spite of having so many advantages associated with this machine, still there are few unfavourable issues that become really annoying when they occur in your system. Sometimes they are recoverable, sometimes they require a service call. Though breakdowns are not that common, but still knowing about some common problems is good. So, read the blog further in which heat pump repair Davie has mentioned about few most common issues that sooner or later can occur in the machine.

No Power

Have you found the situation where the heat pump is ON and there is no activity at all? If ever found this, check whether the thermostat is ON or OFF and whether it has been set at the right temperature or not. Even if nothing has happened then do not worry as nothing major has happened, but figuring it out can be little tricky. After this, turn to circuit box and check the circuit breaker. If you find it ON, then the problem could be due to any burned wire or a faulty connector or a faulty transformer. After having checked all this even if the problem is not fixed, then call the expert from heat pump repair Davie.

 No Heat

This type of problem is a result of simple faults like a faulty thermostat or a failed sensor or it could be due to a complex problem like a worse circuit board or a bad compressor unit. Tracking the actual problem, what’s going on behind it is something that is very tricky and difficult to figure out for a homeowner. It’s better to call the professional for diagnosing it quickly and efficiently.

Freezing of the Heat Pump

Heat pumps are efficient when they are cooling the space as they create very cold temperatures and if they are not regulated properly then they can freeze up. One thing which can be done is to let them defrost for about 5-15 minutes, so that this issue can be fixed but fixing it for a long-time is the major concern. Now this type of problem is the outcome of a dirty air filter that mostly leads to the frosting and eventually freezing.

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