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Ever Wondered Why Does Air Conditioner Leaks Water?

This is one of the biggest problems seem very difficult when your air conditioner leaks water and make you stand with nothing than to regret about what goes wrong with the last servicing session to which this has happened. Well! Nothing to worry much as your AC system has nothing to do with why does it leaking, in fact, the evaporator coil inside your unit is commonly responsible for letting the AC system to leak water. Now focusing on the mechanism the AC unit contains an evaporator coil that cools down the warm air flowing over it which lets the condensation to take place just like when it happens to the glass filled with water on a hot day. So when this condensation takes place, the moisture formed on the coil flows down to the condensate drain pan going through the condensation drainage system outside your house. It is when during this mechanism some problem occurs that leads AC to leak water. So for your better understanding, AC repair Davie has listed out two causes that are majorly responsible for an AC to leak water.

Drain Line is Clogged

The clogging of the drain line of the condensation system is often the cause behind an AC to leak water and when this drain line gets clogged up with dust or debris then instead of water going out, the water backs up and flown into your house. So to fix this issue, all you need is to unclog the drain line and make the process run smoothly.

Non-Functional Drain Pan

If your air conditioner has become old and had been working for more than ten years then the major possibility is that its drain pan too had become rusted or damaged due to which the water is flowing into your house. And to fix this issue is nothing but to replace the drain pan.

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