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Some Explicit Signs of AC Damage After Hurricane

If there had been a way to control Hurricanes then undoubtedly no one would have escaped themselves of having been benefited by that way. But alas! There is no such way, you as a house owner has to make a compromise with the ill-effects of hurricanes and it becomes even more dreadful when you need to compromise with your AC system functionality after Hurricane has passed away. Nevertheless, there are some explicit signs seeing which you can know whether your AC system has been damaged or not by the invasions of Hurricane. For better and clearer understanding on these damaged signs of AC unit, AC repair Davie has mentioned few of those signs here below in this blog for your reference.

The AC isn’t Cooling Well

If you find that your AC system isn’t giving much cold air then time now to rethink about it as it might be due to the effects of a hurricane. There might be possibility that there is an issue with the refrigerant line of your AC compressor which is responsible for decreasing the performance of the AC system and cause hike in the energy bills.

AC has Become Flooded

Now one of the most obvious consequences of a Hurricane is that it leaves the AC in the flooded state which needs to be serviced immediately by a technician of AC repair Davie. This damage lets the electrical wires and connections to get damaged too and give you hard time dealing with all this.

The Ducts become Damaged

During or after a Hurricane there is much obvious for the ducts to get susceptible to bacterial and mold growth and worsen the situation becomes when the air through the ducts gets circulated throughout your home. So one of the essential things to do is to get the ducts cleaned as soon as the Hurricane goes by and also get the ducts repaired if found damaged with holes and leaks.

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