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Hurricane and Your Car? How to Protect It?

Feeling afraid of the term hurricane is pretty obvious as it brings heavy rains, floods and strong winds that you are left with no other option than to surrender to this mighty wild storm. Having said this, it becomes even much harder to survive if you are living in an area prone to hurricanes.

In such a scenario, protecting your car or vehicles becomes really difficult for which you must find ways to prevent severe damage. Though you must have heard about measures to safeguard your vehicle against hurricanes but isn’t it good to learn some helpful tips mentioned by AC repair Davie to protect your car even better?

Store Car in Safe Location

Like it is always recommended, you must park your car in a safe location like garage. If this isn’t possible, then park it close to your building. But avoid parking it under power lines or under trees, as this is a huge probability of power lines and trees to befall upon your car.

Gas Tank Should Be Full

Fuel up our car before a hurricane as if your car has enough fuel, then it will help you to evacuate during a hurricane or you can easily move after the hurricane. There will be no need to rush for the fuel to fill it up in your car.

Seal Car Windows

Seal your car windows by applying tape in a crisscross pattern. This will not certainly help and prevent your car’s windows to shatter during a hurricane, but it will make it much easier to clean the shattered glass if they get break down.   

So this was few helpful tips to safeguard your vehicle against hurricane but what to do when your car is flooded in a hurricane?

Remove Water

Now when there is water inside your car, make sure not to start the car as it can further damage your car. The engine, fuel system and other internal functionality can be ruined. What best you can do is to turn off the car’s battery and then clean out the water and dry out your vehicle.

Take Help from Auto Repair Shop

The best solution is to take your car to the auto repair shop for repairs so that it can be restored back to normal condition as it was before the flood. The vehicle will be evaluated and repaired by experts after a thorough inspection.

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