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Lets See why the Air Conditioner is not Cooling?

When an air conditioner doesn’t cool, it makes everything chaotic and frustrating to which everything seems imperfect. As a home owner, you feel disturbed and end up thinking that what exactly goes wrong with the AC system that led it to behave in a non-functional manner. But nothing to worry as long as you have AC repair Davie by your side as the experts of this service will rectify all the issues diligently without letting you face any type of disturbances for a longer period of time. For now, we will see here in this blog some of the most common reasons of an air conditioner not cooling enough or cooling unevenly.

Impaired Fans and Motor

Now the most obvious reasons for the bad fans and motors is getting clogged with debris and dust or sometimes it’s because of the wear and tear with time that keeps the fans from not working properly. This malfunctioning causes the cooling air not to travel across the house and makes the house members feel exhausted and tired. So repairs for this problem is necessary in order to let the air travels evenly all across the house.

Leaks and Holes

Often the leaks and the holes in the ducts often lead to leakage of the cool air and cause the house members to feel hot and humid. Now, it happens because of the poor insulation of the ducts which causes energy loss and fosters the rise in the energy bills. So to overcome this situation, it’s always better to insulate homes. The insulation will fix the issue of energy loss and help air conditioner last longer.

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