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Maintain Humidity Under Control

There has always been only one thing which keeps you occupied during summers is getting the desired temperature from the air conditioner when that scorching heat makes you sweaty. Right! You hardly think anything about other air quality issues and you just end up having cool air from the air conditioning unit. On the other hand, keeping a check on the humidity levels at home is another important feature which can make you and your home absolutely relaxing during summers and can maintain the soothing atmosphere inside. Below there are mentioned few effects of humidity by AC repair Davie that could make your summers even more humid and hot.

It Can Make you Uncomfortable

Both lower and higher humidity levels are not good during summers and can lead to discomfort. If you find that the humidity levels are low then it may result in less moisture in the air, which gives rise to dry and itchy skin, whereas higher humidity levels will not make you feel cool since your body can’t evaporate sweat with all that moisture in the air. So generally the humidity levels should be between 30% to 50% to maintain comfort.

It Can Make you Sick

If humidity levels are low then it indicates a lack of moisture in the air, which may make you more susceptible towards illness and thereby also fosters the growth of bacteria and viruses in your home. On the other hand, if you think that higher levels of humidity is better then it is not so, as the higher levels of humidity will allow the mold to get spread and would make you sick.

It Can Damage Property

AC repair Davie suggests you to have humidifier or dehumidifier at home if you really want to save your property else you have to face few difficulties adjusting with the lower and higher levels of humidity. Lower levels of humidity would allow the paint off walls to become dry and crack and can also damage wood furniture, whereas higher levels of humidity would lead to moisture damage.

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