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Is it Normal if an AC is Leaking Water?

It is normal if the indoor unit of your AC is leaking water because it is the part of the cooling process of an air conditioner. But, you should know that, if too much water is leaking from the drain pipe of the unit, then it is possible that either your unit is not working properly or it has malfunctioned because of some problem. In both cases, you will need the service of the AC repair Davie. After reading this blog, you will be able to know that the water leaking from your unit, is normal or any problem has occurred in your unit.

Do you Know that Why does the Water Leak from the Air Conditioner?

Evaporator coils are responsible for producing the water in the indoor unit of an air conditioner. They become extremely cold in the process of providing cooling and then the water present in the atmosphere starts to condense on the surface of the evaporator coils. After some time, when the large amount of water gets collected on the coils, it starts flowing through the drain pipe of the unit.

When does the Leaking of Water can be Said Normal for an AC?

It is important to find out that the water leaking from the unit is normal or the unit has any problem. If you are using your air conditioner on a cold day or on a humid day, then the amount of water leaking from the unit will surely be increased. But, if your unit is generating enough water even on the normal days, then surely, there is some problem with your air conditioner which is needed to be resolved by the AC repair Davie.

Main Problems, that Force your Unit to Leak Water more than Usual?

There are several issues which can force the evaporator coils to condensate water more than usual. Some of the main problems are, grimy air filters, broken condensate pan, blocked drain pipe, improper installation, and low refrigerant levels. If your unit is suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems, then you are required to repair that bug either by yourself or with the help of the expert technicians.king

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