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How Often Your HVAC Unit Needs To be Serviced?

It is true that your HVAC unit is one of the most essential and also among the most expensive appliances that you have at home. That being said, it is essential that you take good care of your HVAC unit through a properly timed AC maintenance service to keep it working efficiently as well as to improve its lifespan. In this regard, most homeowners are often concerned on the frequency of the repair and maintenance service for their HVAC unit.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that even if you do not suspect any problem with the functioning of your HVAC unit, it is a good idea to have it inspected, serviced and cleaned at least once every year, preferably during spring. This will ensure that your unit operates at its best during the summer months ahead. While you can always opt for emergency AC repair Davie service when your HVAC unit breaks down, a regular AC maintenance service will avoid such situations.

What is the Need for Regular AC Maintenance Service?

As your HVAC unit runs, it accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. This dust and dirt can clog the key parts of the AC unit and thereby can hugely impact its performance. In most cases, the condensing coils and air filters of your AC unit are most prone to accumulation of this dirt. When left unchecked, your AC unit can lose about 5% of its efficiency each year, which can easily be prevented by a regular AC maintenance service. A much build-up of dirt in the HVAC unit can suddenly cause it to under perform so you should always keep an emergency AC repair Davie contact handy even if you do opt for a regular, scheduled maintenance plan.

Many AC repair companies offer preventive AC maintenance service contracts at a cost of about $70 to $90, which includes the cost of cleaning and servicing your HVAC unit. The AC filters are also regularly replaced, which further contributes to increased efficiency of your AC unit.

Why should You Get Your AC Unit Inspected?

Inspections are a part of AC maintenance service contracts, when professionally trained AC technicians will inspect your AC unit regularly. This will help you identify any potential issue with your AC unit in time to avoid emergency AC repair Davie service. A typical inspection visit will check the motor, blower, drain line, coils and refrigerant levels of your HVAC unit and suggest any AC maintenance service, if necessary.

When you hire a company for AC maintenance service, keep in mind to check if the technicians provided by the company are licensed as HVAC technicians. Also, ensure that the company offers a workers’ compensation and liability insurance to cover against any damages to your AC unit or your property that may be incurred during the repair, inspection or maintenance service. If your AC unit seems to be working fine but the technician suggests you expensive repairs, it is advised you cross check with another company before you sign up for the repair service.

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