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Probable Reasons Why Your AC Producing an Unpleasant Smell

Air-conditioning systems are always on the list of most precious home equipment, especially during hotter months. They make us feel comfortable in our houses when the outdoor temperature reaches an extremely high level. They can work continuously throughout the day without any trouble, but still, there are situations when you might need AC repair Davie services. One of those situations is when your air conditioner starts producing an unpleasant smell in your home. Continue reading this blog to explore some common reasons responsible for the annoying odors coming out of a cooling system.

  • When the condensate line fails to drain out the condensed water, the water collects in the indoor unit. This water starts producing a smell like human feet after a few days. If you are facing such a situation, you possibly need to fix the condensate drain line and remove the water present in the indoor unit. Since it’s not a serious issue, it can easily be fixed by professionals at a very low service cost.
  • Exhaust fumes smell is common with gas powered air-conditioning systems, but with electric cooling systems, it’s not normal. An electric AC unit producing such smell is possibly leaking fluids from the engine. It’s one of the most serious problems associated with air conditioners that should only be resolved by the proficient technicians of AC repair Davie and that too as soon as possible.
  • A burning smell coming from an AC usually implies that either the fan motor or circuit board has shorted. It’s difficult or can say it’s impossible for a normal AC user to fix this issue. That’s why we advise you to contact a trustworthy AC service company whenever you find that your air conditioner is producing a burning smell.
  • When an air conditioner is leaking gas, it produces an irritating smell like skunk. It doesn’t initially cause any harm to the cooling system, but ultimately, it might even result in the complete breakdown of the cooling system. In the light of fact that minor issues cause severe damage, don’t ignore annoying odors coming out of an AC.

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