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Reasons for Air Conditioner Blowing Hard Air

Though there are many reasons for an air conditioner blowing hard air but at times becomes difficult to address those as there could be any issue which is hidden or are because of environmental conditions. So once you find that an air conditioner blowing hard air it is important to look out on the reasons and find out that what exactly is getting wrong and how will it get rectified. For your better understanding, here in this blog two major reasons are mentioned for an air conditioner blowing hard air to make you understand things better.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant leak is the common thing because the refrigerant evaporates into a gas once it comes under the pressure in the closed loop of an air conditioner. So, if you find that the refrigerant level is low then there is a leak and you need to address it. A refrigerant leak is a very obvious reason for an air conditioner to blow hard air and should be detected carefully by an expert in order to stop the leakage of the refrigerant.


There are times when compressor can be worn out and there is no reason left for an air conditioner to work in an appropriate manner and therefore foster an AC system to blow hard air. So, it’s very important to check upon the functioning of the compressor as the failure of the compressor is not good for the overall AC system functional state.

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