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What Reasons to Wipe Out that’s Making AC Blowing Hard Air

Take a quick view on some of the most common reasons that usually let the air conditioner blow hard air and cause comfort issues in the summer time. For your reference AC blowing hard air Davie service has mentioned those reasons here in this blog.

Quite Possible that Thermostat Settings are Wrong

Sometimes even a silly problem leads to major problems and you end up thinking that what exactly goes wrong? Same is the case when you notice that your AC blows hard air as it may happen not because of some major issue, but because of the wrong settings set on your thermostat. Sometimes the house owners can mistakenly switch the heating mode ON and thus get hot air from the AC system. So if you are unsure about the exact cause of the AC blowing hard air, then do check on the settings of the thermostat.

Clogging of the Air Filters Could Be the Cause

Now the clogging of the air filters is another most commonly seen reason in AC blowing hard air and most of the times house owners don’t even give a thought to it. The air filters work to their level best consistency all day long and therefore get clogged up with dust or debris, thereby ending in being clogged up and therefore the AC comes under pressure and blows warm air.

Refrigerant Leaks are Cause AC Blow Warm Air

The refrigerant leaks are also another common reason for the AC blowing hard air which needs to be recharged again as because of the leaks , the refrigerant gets lost and the leaks should be repaired immediately by calling a professional from AC blowing hard air Davie service.

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