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Some Survival Tricks to Survive in Hot Summer Nights without AC

Juggling at night with sweat and rubbing off the body with a cloth to get off the sweat is nothing less than a nightmare which keeps staying us away from a reliable sleep. When such horrible experiences turn up in the hot summer nights, only one magical machine keeps the mind occupied and that is none other than an air conditioner which is due to some reason isn’t able to give you the required service of coolness and comfort. Then what to do next? This is the immediate most thought comes to mind that what to do next? How to spend this humid sweaty night without the AC system? Well! Cooling a room or your house through an air conditioner is absolutely incomparable but still nevertheless; there are tricks and tips to slow down the stressful buzz of sleepless nights of hot summer. So wouldn’t you be interested in diving your head in learning those day-to-day smarty little tricks that could get you stay away from suffering from hot weather? Well! Read the blog below where AC repair Davie has mentioned few such unique tips for you.

Sleep It the Egyptian Way

Those Egyptians knew much better about spending hot summer nights and learning a few tricks from those dwellers is always a better choice to opt. The so-called Egyptians damps the bed sheet or towel into the cool water and then use it as a blanket to cover themselves at nights to avoid heat.

Fill Up the Void

This is pretty useful tip to stay hydrated before going to sleep as turning in and around the bed at night can let you sweat resulting into a dehydrated body. So staying hydrated at night can bring more peacefulness and relievable sleep without an air conditioner.

Unplug all the appliances

Thought it might not seem much convincing to you but yes, it is workable; the gadgets and other small appliances give off heat if they are not unplugged but turned off. So better off is to always unplug all the appliances by keeping the plugs out of the sockets when the appliances are not in use.

These are just short and quick tips suggested by AC repair Davie, if you know more such of such types of tricks, then go ahead and implement them when you are stuck without an AC unit at nights in the summer.

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