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Steps to Remove Ice From Coils of an Air Conditioner

Well! This can really give you trouble if there is an ice buildup on your air conditioner coils because that can create problems in getting your house properly cooled. Calling a technician for this work can be costly and again, waiting for him to arrive will consume a lot of time. So, it’s better to try out this task on your own that can make you save money and time both. Don’t dig yourself too much on how to go about it as AC repair Davie has mentioned few accurate steps following which you will be able to remove ice buildup from your air conditioner.

Disconnect the AC Machine

The first and foremost task that needs to be done is to turn OFF the system and disconnect the air conditioning unit from the power source. Allow it to come down at a lower temperature. In the meantime look up the surrounding area for any kind of leakage or stain, it would be advisable to call the expert of AC repair Davie service to repair if there is any kind of leakage or stain found, as the leaks usually appear because of the low refrigerant level. If found nothing, then follows the next step.

Give Time to Ice to Melt

Make sure that you turned off the unit and disconnect it from the power source to allow the ice to melt naturally. Doing so will foster the process of melting of ice slowly and steadily that will not give any harm to the machine and make the coils to lose all the ice naturally and safely. The good point to note is if the air conditioning system is taking longer to attain an active state, then melting of ice shouldn’t take too long.

Clean the Coils

Now when the ice buildup has melted away, devote some time in the cleaning of coils by spraying a commercial coil cleaner onto the coils. Next, use a scrub brush to apply a vigorous brushing to remove any left over frozen dirt or dust from the coils. Once the coils are cleaned successfully spray warm water to remove any remaining traces of the coil cleaner. Clean the coils further with a cloth to make the coils dry and don’t reconnect the AC unit until the moisture is gone.

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