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Why is The My Air Conditioner has a Pungent Odour?

Now, surely no one wouldn’t be interested in having a foul odour at the time of turning the AC unit ON, but if you are finding that your air conditioner is causing a foul smell then it is a sign of a serious issue that should be addressed else it will create an impure environment […]

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Why AC breakdown happens? Want to know why?

Though there are many reasons for facing emergency breakdowns but ignoring them doesn’t resolve the issue because as a user you shouldn’t ignore them as they can play effectively for an AC system to face an emergency at any point in time. The AC emergency issues can happen at any point in time without giving […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your AC Unit ?

So you are ready to fix up your AC unit for the season, but do you know what are the risks that are involved if you will try to fix it up by yourself. Though it seems a cost saving task, but doing it yourself can bring even more damages and risks in the system […]

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