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Why is The My Air Conditioner has a Pungent Odour?

Now, surely no one wouldn’t be interested in having a foul odour at the time of turning the AC unit ON, but if you are finding that your air conditioner is causing a foul smell then it is a sign of a serious issue that should be addressed else it will create an impure environment inside the home and you will feel irritated for most of the times. Though the causes of the AC odours issues could be many but here in this blog we have summarized few most common causes of the AC odours issues.


If your air conditioner smells like mold or mildew then it could be because of the fungus or mold growing near your unit. The mildew growth is common as the AC units remove excess moisture and this happens because of the AC machine not draining properly. To fix this issue, consulting an AC professional is necessary so that he can fix the issue by replacing the filters to remove foul smell.

Exhaust Fumes

Now another odour which is harmful to your AC unit is exhaust fumes and if you find that the AC system exhibiting exhaust fumes smell then it signals a major problem. When the fluids get leaked out from several parts of the air conditioner then this type of odour usually comes and this calls for an immediate calling of an AC professional who can address the issue and fix it properly.

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