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Take a Look On Why is the AC Not Working

Any house owner would definitely don’t want that their AC system stops working but there are situations in which the AC turn up in not either working efficiently or it completely turns down. Now if you ever notice that your system turns OFF then you might be analyzing the issues that cause the AC to turn OFF. So for your better understanding of why your AC turns OFF, air conditioning repair Davie has listed out a few of the common issues that are majorly found responsible for AC to not work efficiently.

Refrigerant Level is Low

The refrigerant is the chemical which majorly contributes in maintaining the cool temperature at home but just imagine that when does this chemical gets short then the air conditioner won’t be able to cool the house. This usually happens if there are leaks due to which the refrigerant gets short and make you feel hotter. So when you notice that AC is not working efficiently then get the refrigerant leaks checked and fixed properly.

Failure of Fan

The outdoor fan is majorly responsible for letting the heat out of the house so that the house can stay cool. So now you can imagine that when the fan located on the outside unit doesn’t work then you may face heat transfer issues which further fosters in letting the compressor to overheat. Or the situation can become worse when the compressor breaks down because of the failure of a fan.

Coil Gets Frozen

Another issue depicted by the air conditioning repair Davie is the frozen coil problems which are mainly caused by the dirty air filters or occurs because of any obstruction in the ductwork system. So if you notice that the coil has become frozen, then do replace air filters and also get a thorough check up done for the ductwork system.

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