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Wondered Why the AC Unit is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Even an imagination of an air conditioner unit stopping abruptly in the middle of the night feels so irritating and annoying. Isn’t it? If this is the scenario you face it in real then there could be several cases for making the unit turn it OFF. The situation will always be tricky doesn’t hold true every time, maybe the system has been shut down because of tripped circuit breaker. Well! After having found this do check the electrical panel and reset the tripped circuit breaker and turn the system ON again. Even if the problem persists then it may be because of below mentioned reasons related to an electrical panel, which AC repair Davie has classified for you.

Outdoor Coils are Dirty

If the condenser coils are struggling in releasing the heat to the outside of the house, then it is due to the dirt and dust covering the coils that make hindrance in proper releasing of heat, which further causes heat inside the air conditioner machine to work harder for getting it to be released outside. The rise in the draw of the electrical system will result to a tripped circuit breaker. But never try to clean the coils yourself, do consult the professional from AC repair Davie service for cleaning the coils.

Shorted-Out Motors

As you are aware that motors are responsible for running the fans and the compressor in the air conditioning system, this motor too can be overheated and melt the insulation along the wires like any other motor of any other machine. So therefore a motor will short out tripping a circuit breaker so that electrical fire doesn’t take place. Only the skilled technician can replace the shorted-out motors safely.

Hard-Starting Compressor

A compressor can be in a situation of hard-starting if it consumes a lot of electrical power to overcome the pressure, which the compressor faces at the start of its cooling cycle. This can lead to tripping of the circuit breaker, which usually overcome by attaching a hard-start kit to the compressor that will be sufficient in providing the extra electrical power when the compressor starts its cooling cycle.

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